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Originally Posted by The_Grand_Illusion View Post
Liberal tolerance is a myth as it has played out on this thread by the liberals/dems. I've said before, from experience, there are liberals who can be some of the most vile people you'll ever meet. There are plenty of examples in this thread.

Comrade Crapski has been right about a lot of things concerning this president and his party. Our media, entertainment industry, academia, the government, the dem party come together and pushed such a bad candidate on the American people in Obama in 2008. Political correctness was out of control (even worse now) to try to defend him. All these places of influence then came together to help lie about a video to help Obama over the finish line at the last election. I understand CC's frustration because how does a person, that understands the value of freedom, go against such a powerful controlling culture like that, that has so much influence over Americans and our elections, even to the point of covering up and lying. It's such an abuse of power, especially to our freedoms in the long run, but so many don't want the accountability of their leader , party or ideology. If Americans don't wake up to how they've been had by this culture, our freedoms will continue to diminish as more and more statism is implemented (I'm not counting out the statist repubs in this whole mess either).

We can no longer look at repub vs. dem or even conservative vs. liberal. It's about freedom vs. tyranny. The founding fathers understood big government eventually led to tyranny so they gave us a Constitution that gave us the most freedoms with least amount of government. This is lost on so many Americans today. It's demonstrated, day after day here, the value of government but how about the counter of the value of freedom? The answer is easy, I blame it on the prog/lib/statist government educational system. The value of freedom does not mix with a prog/lib/statist run controlling government agenda. It's why we are in such a mess today because of how the culture was mis-educated on the value of freedom. We've had about 100 years of the prog/lib/statist experiment and it's not working to the point we are beyond broke. Not sure what's going to get people to wake up from the prog/lib/statist nightmare failure, but maybe a complete collapse, then what? I hope you libs/progs come to understand just how far away you are on the freedom scale, to the point, you are the radicals.

That is one big post of butthurt.
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