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Originally Posted by Loneiguana View Post
I respect your religious belief. But, that doesn't give you a right to force onto those who don't feel the same way.

Don't have an abortion. Teach your family not too. But don't restrict my choice because of your religious views.

/find ways to stop the demand for abortion, not outlaw abortion
I fully support people's right to choice. They have the right to choose not to engage in activity that results in the "need" for abortion, birth control is readily available in many forms. Of course, that would be something along the lines of personal responsibility, and the Left can't handle that concept. If something bad happens to a person, society has failed them, and the nanny state needs to step up.

You can talk to me about the need of the choice of abortion in cases of rape/incest, and not get much argument from me. It should be the victim's choice to carry to term or abort, and everyone else can shut the hell up. I'm also not against abortion in cases where the life of the mother is truly in danger.
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