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So this woman's 4yr old son was murdered by her roomate. A police detective claims that she confessed to conpiracy in the murder. No other evidence (i.e. no written confession or video of interogation). She is convicted at sentenced to death.

After spending over a decade in prison a judge finally releases her b/c the police detective has a long history of lying under oath (which the jury was not aware of at the time of conviction).

Do I know with 100% certainty that she is innocent? no. I do know that that she is not "guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt."

Thankfully those convicted have the oppurtunity to appeal in the current justice system, and that they are not executed within 1 yr to save money....specially when prosecutors, police officers, and judges have strong incentive to get convictions to appear to be tough on crime and meet quotas.
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