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Obama's Economy Hits His Voters Hardest

Originally Posted by Loneiguana View Post
You must of been asleep during the housing crisis.
You mean when the government conspired with corporations, speculators and a large number of uneducated consumers to defy the market's natural rhythms and the market slapped them all back down to the point that both the government and the banking system should have failed and crashed, but instead the government refused (how odd) to prosecute itself and it's corporate collaborators and instead defied the natural rhythms of the market yet again by collaborating to conjure an obscene amount of pseudo money that doesn't yet exist, may never exist, and will never be paid back to our debt holders in order to keep us all from storming Congress and Wall Street and beheading every last one of them until the streets ran as red with their blood as our grandchildren's future now run red with our debt?

No, I recall. What would you like me to teach you about it while we wait for the current government solution to cause more problems than it solves?
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