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Originally Posted by NWTF View Post
I believe Assad is the lesser evil of the two. The fact that they were christians and not muslims is irrelevant. I do agree that Syria is just a precursor to bombing Iran. Syria was just the next step in the US plan for the middle east.

Anyone can connect the dots and see even after the Syrian mess is resolved , ultimately by war, the US will begin planning for the next target nation. This process will continue as long as the Republicrats run this nation.
It was Southern Democrats that seceded from the nation and caused the Civil War. Woodrow Wilson (a democrat) got us involved in WWI. FDR (another Dem) got us involved in WWII. Truman (yet another Dem) got us involved in Korea. JFK (yet again a Dem) got us into Vietnam. It escalated under LBJ (who was guess what?). Pretty sure Democrats have played a huge role in most of our major conflicts over the past 150+ years. Also it is Obama (a Democrat) who is pushing to bomb Syria and he has the support of many in the Senate who is controlled by whom? The Dems control 2/3 of the government and somehow you still are blaming this mess on the Republicans. Sad really.
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