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Originally Posted by BucEyedPea View Post
No, this works in practical application on this issue, including the broader ME. There is no threat to us, this has nothing to do with our national security or our credibility. Nada. It's hawkish progressivism....the same kind that destroyed federalism in the US using the noble lie and quest to right wrongs. Reagan would not support any of this per his points in his autobio, which Laura Ingraham pointed out last night was well.
I won't try to guess what a long-dead president might or might not do today. Leaving that to you, I wonder how you can say that there is no threat to us when the entire reason for this thread is for us to discuss a very direct and extraordinarily disgusting threat to the families of elected, appointed and voluntary U.S. officials. No threat? Really? How are you able to turn off your ears and eyes so effectively in favor of ideological dogma?
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