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Originally Posted by Mav View Post
Actually I don't know Bud. The part that I don't think anyone really understands is that we weren't just Alex Smith fans. We were actual 49ers fans who go ostracized for NOT DECLARING immediate allegiance to Kaepernick. We were attacked by the likes of that douchebag Kaepernick and his band of cronies and told if we weren't in on Kaepernick we should move on. And they picked fights every single day until they got most of us banned, and that douchebag Kaepernick started the THREAD WITH THE LINK here encouraging everyone to come here and make fun of the poor chiefs fans. WHO IS LAUGHING NOW. [emoji23]

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I wasn't even on that SF forum when all that shit went down... just saying.

but like a few, I know... (that post here or not)

I came here as an Alex fan that was disgruntled with the Harbaugh/Baalke/Kaep trio of SF.. and was outright looking to spend my football entertainment in another direction.

Then over time.. as an Alex fan.. I grew to really appreciate all things Chiefs.. even as they fell short. I instantly dug into all of the personnel, the schemes, and the progression of it all. It was just like getting sick of watching one TV series... and replacing it with a newer, better one.

So, after 5 years, I can only now call myself a Chiefs fan... and that's enough for me. It's fair and true that I can't be counted on to always remain a Chiefs fan... and I have no problem with that.

No familial links, no geographic links, no blood oath or signature ever made to announce SF or KC as a life-long commitment. Just a commitment until (or if) I ever decide they aren't entertaining me enough anymore.

Originally Posted by a brilliant vag
Good luck to Pat and the Chiefs!
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