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Originally Posted by oldandslow View Post
Seriously, I could have told you that was going to happen a month ago. I am NOT in Obama's back pocket and think he has had a failed 4 years. I am also not voting for him.

Nevertheless, RW screeching asided, he is gonna win this election.
I've been saying it for weeks. After the first debate, that was Romeny's only real opening....and he failed to close the deal. FTR, I've been disappointed in Obama as well; the most striking thing about that though, is how utterly incompetent this makes the GOP.

Nominating a guy who is so unappealing that he can't win an election that is, in all seriousness, being handed to the GOP, if only they would have nominated an electable candidate. You may disagree with the analogy, but I'm convinced the GOP has done precisely what the Dems did in 2004---pissing away a golden opportunity, due to strict adherence to dogmatic ideology.
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