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Originally Posted by Papi View Post
It's not a matter of 45 minutes being a huge deal. I was making the statement that, for me, it's a matter of economics. Try and wrap your head around this retard: A hour and a half travel time (that's being conservative with additional time for parking and getting in and out of the stadium) isn't worth the joy I personally gain being there. Are you familiar with oppurtunity cost? On most days I have something better to do with my time.
I don't understand why everyone is so butthurt about my opinion on here. I have not said anything against the team or the game. Both are great. So I don't love KC soccer as much as you. Get over it. I can't believe I'm getting attacked about soccer on a Chiefs forum.
I guess one positive is that I uncovered a couple dumbass users that I'll know to ignore in the future.
Mine wasn't an attack. Mine was encouragement. See, I've talked to people who decided they hated soccer in KC because they went to an empty stadium at Arrowhead or ridiculous games at Community. If you are one of those folks then I just know to ignore you because you are too stupid for me to waste my time.
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