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Originally Posted by Unsmooth-Moment View Post
You'd trade Brown or Britt for him? I was close, but couldn't do it straight up. I like their upside a bit more as receivers.

I have been trying to trade AP for Trent Richardson and maybe a draft pick... Can't get that guy interested right now. Hopefully AP has a big game soon so that he can push that value up a little bit.

The last trade I'm working on is for RG3. I've been trying to package Vick, Decker OR Michael Bush, and an early draft pick for him.. I guess I will have to wait until he isn't leading my league points... Worse case scenerio I trade up in the draft this summer and grab Geno Smith, the Kansas City Chiefs new QB
I would trade Brown or Britt for Gronkowski without looking back, yes. Hernandez will eat into some of Gronk's stats, but they are both viable TE1s. Additionally, Gronk is only 23. TEs have a long career in relation to either WRs or RBs and have a greater tendency to consistently produce top tier numbers from year to year.

Additionally, Gronk will out produce almost every other TE not named Jimmy Graham from year-to-year-to-year, giving you a decided advantage at that position. There is a reason that Gronk was borderline 1st round pick in dynasty start-ups this summer. Far ahead of where people were taking Brown - who produces in the range that a lot of good WRs produce in (75 rec. 1100 yds. 6 TDs) The bottom line on that is that Gronk is a top 20 dynasty asset without question. Decker isn't even in this discussion, really - though he may continue to rise this season - or Demaryious will take over as Peyton's boy.

Which leads me to Britt. There are two types of people in the world: people who think Britt is a top 5 WR talent and people who think Britt is worthless. I am one of the former and have actively acquired him in 3 of 4 dynasty leagues in the last month. This does not mean that I am correct. Britt may get arrested and suspended, may continue to stay hurt or may lose his targets to Wright. Personally, I think the time is coming to an end where Britt can be bought cheap in dynasty and especially with Hasselback coming back will become an instant monster this week moving forward.

Next, AP for Trent. Richardson is more valuable than Peterson because he is younger and starting to look dynamic. AP is 27 and much older. However, AP is looking good and would be close to netting TR. But you will probably have to throw in another piece to make it happen, like a future 1st rounder - which for your team would likely be a low one anyway and I would be ok to make that trade. If you get stuck with Peterson though, thats not a bad problem to have.

RG3 - I wouldn't even try for him right now. His owner probably has an emotional price tag on him that you don't even know about. You're talking trading Vick and Decker or Bush? Honestly, that probably wouldn't even make him blink. To get RG3 right now is gonna hurt. Your best bet is hope he cools off - even then it will only make the owner think about trading him, but the price will probably be out of your budget. So if you covet him and must have him, make an offer the guy can't refuse by moving some sweet pieces or move on.
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