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Originally Posted by Hugh Janus View Post
The rules that all dumbshit EMB posters have to submit to, to post on a Philadelphia Eagles owned/operated message board.

Like posting on a message board in North Korea.

All EMB members must shrink wrap their genitals and brand them with "Property of Jeffery Lurie".

The rest of the rules:

1. If you want to talk trash and ridicule other teams, don't do it here! Use the Rant n Rave section and stop clogging this section with comments about Ray Lewis and Eli Manning.

2. Anyone caught "fishing" in this section will be suspended for 2 weeks for spamming. If you normally hang out on the What's Up section and you only come over here to start a topic like "Trade McNabb" or "Sign URLAKKKER!", you aren't providing to the discussion and you're just causing more work for the moderators. Stop with the childish games. If you come over here, talk Eagles. Don't start problems.

3. Please stop with the "Caption this photo" topics. Besides being an eyesore, it's gotten to the point where A) the pictures aren't that funny, and B) the captions have become derogatory and inappropriate for this message board.

4. "Talk About the Eagles" is for legitimate Eagles talk only. If you want to talk about other teams, do it in the NFL forum. If you want to talk about fantasy football or video games, do it in the appropriate forum. If you want to talk about tickets, do it in the Ticket forum. The moderating crew is tired of seeing people post "I know this is the wrong section, but...", and this is unacceptable. Don't let it get to a point where we just starting deleting topics instead of moving them.

5. If you're going to copy-and-paste articles, please provide a link to the original story. Other message boards have enforced this rule, and we'd like to do it here as well. Besides giving proof that you aren't making the story up, it's considered a copyright infringement if you post a whole story without a link. Also, to make it easier to read and let us know that it's an article, we recommend that you use "QUOTE" tags around the text.

6. We've asked this repeatedly, yet some of you continue to ignore our requests to stop masking the "F" word and other serious profanity. If you're caught violating EMB rules, a warning will be noted. If you're caught again, you'll be suspended for 2 weeks or 4 weeks, depending on severity. We also reserve the right to ban people at any time where appropriate.

7. Please do not quote huge blocks of text or pictures. It wastes space on the database. If you'd like to point something out and respond to it, simply quote the sentence or idea that you're commenting on, not the entire thing.

8. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Go after the idea, not the person.

9. So-called "SPAM" threads are not permitted here. That means the posting of Ebay auctions, links to "deals" for products (i.e. FREE IPOD, ETC...) or websites promoting products that are not officially sanctioned by the Philadelphia Eagles is forbidden here. The Private Message System MAY NOT BE USED for such solicitation either.

10. Animated avatars where a person is naked, bouncing, rubbing, grabbing or being grabbed will be removed. If you put it back up, you will get a warning.

We'd like to make this the best official message board in the NFL, but we need your help to make it stand out above the others. Thank you for your continued support of the Eagles.
Lengthy compared to:

Bannable Offenses

ChiefsPlanet tries to be a forum run by it's community, and the moderator's do have freedom to chose how to deal with a given situation. That being said, the following are things that we have agreed upon as reasons that you may have your access removed either temporarily or permanently.

NSFW Links
Overloading the Front Page with Threads
NSFW Images
Word Filter Evasion
Rude Comments in Prayers/Thoughts thread
Respect for Moderator Team
False News or Thread Title
Multiple Accounts
You have received a permanent ban in the past
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