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Originally Posted by Phobia View Post
I had an amazing morning. I passed out several hundred SOC/Fire Pioli fliers and as I'm wrapping things up and headed into the stadium a golf cart rolls up to the "These Guys Can Cook/SOC" tailgate in Lot B. They said they were instructed to stop the distribution of signs and confiscate them. I kindly told them that I knew they were just doing their jobs and I respected that but they were going to get to haul me off in cuffs before they got my signs. Then they threatened to call their supervisors at which time I invited them to call every supervisor up to and including Clark Hunt himself but they weren't going to take my signs and they weren't going to stop sign distribution.

The first golf cart was great. They understood where we were coming from and I knew they were just doing what they were told. The next two golf carts of security personnel weren't quite as understanding. I politely informed each that we were going to continue handing out signs and if they wanted to talk to me that I would be 50' away handing out signs. Eventually all 3 golf carts pulled 40' away from the tailgate and I walked towards the stadium with my group of people. This is presumably when pr_capone was detained but I was already in line to enter the stadium.

Screw this piece of crap organization for subjecting me to two fieldgoals against four touchdowns against the BENGALS. Pathetic.
Sounds like the Chiefs could be facing SERIOUS legal consquences if this can be collaborated.

There is no justification for detaining a law abiding citizen on public property. NONE.

That is a violation of one's civil rights, assault and essentially being held against your will.
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