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Originally Posted by scott free View Post
Kaep, Stafford, Ryan and Newton... I'd take Smith, in a game right now, over either of those four... you can say I'm lying because "well he's a Chief and scott free is a ****ing homer".

But you'd be dead wrong, Smith, at this point in his career, isn't going to make most of the dumb mistakes all of those guys consistently make.

"Draft a high round QB every damn year"... I've said that over and over through the years, but if you keep going One and Two with QB's every draft it just might come back to bite you... it always smart to gamble on a high stakes player here and there, but doing that consistently also neglects the rest of the team.

Yeah, its a QB driven league... but a couple of high round misses in a row is a big detriment to the team overall, as big as QB is these days they still don't play defense or run the ball etc.

And really "other teams trash" has surely applied to most QB's we've had the last ten years... but Smith isn't trash, at all, and any objective look at his last three years in the NFL makes that clear... he's an ascending player right now, even at his age, because he's been in the right systems the last few years.

Could Kaep absorb a WCO playbook as quickly as Smith did? **** no he couldn't, don't even try to say it... bottom line is that Smith isn't "trash"... the fact that some of you guys can so readily discount a NINE GAME IMPROVEMENT, no matter the NFL teams played, tells me you aren't being objective.

Its just knee jerk ****ing city around here with some of you... WE LOST IN INDY SOOO BAD ITS ALL HIS FAULT... yet we wouldn't have even SNIFFED Indy without Smith.
GREAT fu**ing post!

Yeah, some folks just get bedazzled by the big-play-wow types that can run really fast and have great arm strength. Me? I like the smart and methodical QBs that may not be flashy, but handle their business... especially when the game is on the line.
Originally Posted by a brilliant vag
Good luck to Pat and the Chiefs!
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