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Originally Posted by carlos3652 View Post
Classy - And the fact is Kei might/ might not do well in the EPL - He has a home here. Id rather we loan him out in the offseason to EPL clubs - But I wish him well... We just need to continue to get influential players in.

Fact is, KC is starting to become the Farm of the bigger Leagues really speaks volumes to this organization and their scouting. While we will hate losing players - this will bring financial stability, and more players here to try to get there shot at the bigger leagues.

I think the league not just SKC takes hit here.

I would be better with being a farm team if we had not finished just short of a league championship the past two years. But this gal is friggin tired of falling just short and settling. Thus, while I am so happy for Kei it does make me realize what my foreign born friends say is true, MLS is not a big league and my never be if we cannot keep top players here. What bewilders me is the embracing of the notion of being a farm system to EPL and other pleagues. Yes, you can realize certain players aspire to get to more prestigious leagues via MLS but do you want to embrace that idea and then run with it? I think it is a dangerous fine
line to walk. I say this after watching soccer and its growth in this country for the past 33 years.

Personally, I do not want to be personally and especially fiancially invested in a farm team set up. The owners have created the allure and illusion of a top destination to be. Why would we want to change that to a 'for now.'?????
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