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Originally Posted by Frankie

I see you are coming out of your hole again when you think being on ignore protects you from me exposing your low-life level of intelligence to the whole BB. But then again you are doing a great job of that yourself. You are an intellectual insect. Just call me the fly-swatter. But like some flies you can get swatted and still survive to eat more excrement. Enjoy yours. Calling my mother names here is a new low that I didn't think even you are capable to sink to. That I will bring this to the Mods' attention is not for myself, but rather for protecting this forum from dirty, low bottom-feeders like you. As for my mother, let me tell you a thing or two. She is a well respected educator who owned and operated her own elementary school. She herself was a teacher. Today, at age 81, she is still active teaching children. She has the respect of folks far more advanced, accomplished and educated than you. I'm talking about professors and deans of colleges in this country who in large part make up the parents of her current and former students. My mother is also a very accomplished and published poet. She also speaks not only Farsi, but French fluently. She does well enough with English to live her independent life in this country.

Now let's talk about your mother.......

You know what though, I won't disrespect her. For two reasons:

1- The class and upbringing that I have, you cannot even dream about coming close to. Your low IQ won't even allow you to imagine it.

2- I won't disrespect your mother, because she is already not respecting herself for not flushing when she had you.

The writing above seems to be on the same mental level as the terrorists that attacked our country. I think you, if you are an American citizen, should stop your violent rants. If you are not an American citizen, I suggest you leave this country before you piss off the wrong person.
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