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Originally Posted by Earthling View Post
If you take away defensive scoring for the Chiefs you would have to do that across the board for all teams to have a legit comparison. Without checking the numbers I would say they would rank better than 23rd. But, I am totally in agreement about shitty offensive line play.
Very true. KC has been very fortunate in their field position, thanks to the K/P returns and defensive turnovers.

( 1st in the league!!!! )

Now, I ask ya.. is the offense to be punished by you because they haven't had to do more? haven't had to travel 80 yards down the field every drive?

No one is deluding themselves into thinking this offense is remarkable and running on all cylinders. They are just being realistic in accepting that the new system will take time to get into top gear... particularly the OL.. which IS ranked 7th worst so far in pass pro. The run blocking is ranked 5th best... but I think we all see issues there, and then factor in the QB's run yards to help that number.
Originally Posted by a brilliant vag
Good luck to Pat and the Chiefs!
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