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Originally Posted by donkhater View Post
....and he campaigned on a 3:1 ratio of spending cuts to revenue increases.

the latest White House proposal?

$1.6 trillion in 'revenue'
$400 billlion in spending cuts (not specific or immediate of, course)

so the 3:1 ratio he campaigned on to show himself that he believes in a balanced approach is actually 1:4....if that.

The other thing is how do the Dems get away with saying that it is up to the Republicans to offer up their cuts? (Actually we all know the answer to that). I thought THEY were in the leadership positions!!

Anyone can see what's going on. The White House proposes revenue increases based on taxing the rich (which BTW will never give $1.6 trillion over 10 years) and scant spending cut details. Then it says the Republicans should offer up the spending cuts, which will of course be unpopular and the Dems can demagouge the hell out of.

Boehner should absolutely not budget on revenue until the spending cuts are large and immediate.
Yep, and the reality is it's NOT just,"Taxing the rich". My taxes are going up and I'm not "rich." Same for most Americans with jobs making over $40K NOT the often quoted $250K mark.
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