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Originally Posted by Aspengc8 View Post
That sucks man. I tore my ACL & a bit of medial meniscus a little over 2 years ago during a friday night practice. The following morning, my fiance and I were on a plane to Jamaica. I didn't get a MRI until I got back, and had surgery shortly after. In all honesty it took me roughly 2 years to get back to 100% on the field. I played about 8 or 9 months post op, and it was extremely tender to run/cut/jump on, and I hated wearing the brace. This past season was when it finally felt 100% agility wise, with no soreness after playing.

I would definitely not put off surgery too long. The faster you get in, the faster you recover. Also, you will have repair options for where they harvest the ligaments. If you plan on playing competitively, get the patella tendon graft. Do not get a cadaver OR your hamstring graft. Ligaments/tendons from your own body heal the best, but I had two teammates get hamstring grafts and guess what.. pulled hamstring all the time.

Don't skimp out on therapy.. 3x/week get it done and good luck bud.
Concur. Very good advice. Physical therapy is key. I had to have a cadaver part for my PCL but the ACL is a patella graft.
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