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Originally Posted by Great Expectations View Post
So you'd rather pay $11.50 a month for the warranties and then a $100 deductible than chance a $179 repair fee?
Once again, when we bought the phone the repair was going to cost more than $179 dollars. Without the insurance I probably would not fix the phone and make them use a cheap flip phone we have as back up.

Since I paid nothing for the phone upfront (re-upped with TMO) then I don't have a problem paying less than a 12 pack for the insurance which would REPLACE the phone if it's beyond repair. Like the time my brilliant son ran over his My Touch 3g and we had no insurance on that phone. I had to throw it away as it was beyond repair at any cost.

I'm more than thrilled with the way I did not lose money on this phone. Even breaking even with a broken phone is a win in my book. Don't buy the insurance if you don't want. I've done it both ways and have learned that the first year of owning a brand new phone (especially a new release) is when the phone is worth the most money and worth having the warranty. It ups the resale value as well.
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