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Originally Posted by siberian khatru View Post
Ex-Royal George "Boomer" Scott died Sunday.
How did I know you would be the only person to comment on a guy who played 40 games with one of the best teams we had?

His death brought some similar thought to what is being discussed today. Whitey Herzog used to bitch that Joe Burke wouldn't spend Mr K's money and get him a RH power bat all through the winning 70's. Finally, In 79 Burke acquires Boomer. Who, in 40 games hit exactly one HR. It was a classic Boomer Scott HR. A rising line drive that landed half way up the grass over the 385 sign in LC field.
By the time we got him, Scott had practically eaten himself out of the league.

Of course it was too little, too late as we lost the division to the Angels. We shouldn't have, and the Angels were very good, but the Royals were a better team.

One other thing I remember: when KC released him, the Yankees picked Scott up. Reggie was with the Yankees and said after a late game and post dinner and disco in NY, GS wanted to go eat. AGAIN. Reggie, in the quote said, "I ain't going to eat at 3am. There's no place open other than Duncan Donuts".

Bye Boomer. RIP.
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