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Originally Posted by scott free View Post
oh yeah, i'm sure its breaking donco nations hearts that Hali will be gimpy at best and Houstons out.

You saintly gentlemen seek no advantages, how noble.
This might be hard for you to understand, because your team has been somewhere between awful and mediocre since the moon landing, but I want to watch a good football game in addition to seeing the Broncos hopefully win.

And I don't HATE the Chiefs players just because they play on the other team. Tamba Hali is a good football player. Justin Houston is similar to Von Miller in many ways. I would give my right nut for Eric Berry to be a Bronco. They have never done anything to me or my family personally. I enjoy watching those guys play football. And this game will probably decide the division winner. I don't want to be gifted that just because of some unlikely foot twisting or Elbow injury.

I mean obviously I don't want Manning to get beat up and sacked all day, but if it's between that and you losing your players to injury, I would take the former, because at least we can try and mitigate it with good play and doing something and someone doesn't have to get hurt. Chiefs players are people and it sucks balls to not be able to help your team in a game because of an injury.

Then again you guys were dancing around thrilled to defeat third string QB's. That's probably a product of sucking so bad that you're win-starved. Whatever. Losing your best defenders would take the awesome-sauce out of the game.
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