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Originally Posted by AirForceChief
Completely rebuilt knee? I assume you mean anterior and exterior cruciate ligaments as well as the miniscus (I know I've probably mis-spelled some of these body parts)? What was the extent of the injury. Beyond "significant" and "serious" I don't recall an exact diagnosis...any help?
There are three major "CL" ligaments in the knee. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) prevents hyper-extension (bending forward) of the knee. The Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) prevents the Femur from sliding forward off the Tibia when planting with the knee bent. And the Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) provides lateral stability by connecting the Femur and the Tibia.

Veiw of the knee structure looking from the back of the knee.

The ACL is the most commonly torn ligament and, consequently the most well known. Surgery is required to repair almost all ACL ruptures. MCL tears are common for football players, frequently resulting from being tackled at the knees from the side. Depending on severity, MCL tears may be treated non-surgically. PCL tears are the least common of the group and may be treated non-surgically depending on the severity. Almost all complete ruputures of the PCL require surgery, especially if the patient wishes to resume high level athletic activity.

It is common to have multiple ligaments torn and frequently the cartilage pad (meniscus) between the Tibia and Femur is injured in multiple tears. One of the more common combinations is a ruptured ACL, partial or fully ruptured MCL, with a medial meniscus tear.

Disclaimer: this is pretty much what I recall from the various brochures and discussions I had with my surgeon prior to and following my knee surgery. I had a complete ACL rupture, partial MCL, and medial meniscus tear.
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