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Originally Posted by the Talking Can View Post
i'm not drafting the least important player on the field in the first round (without trading down), unless my team is set everywhere else...guards are the easiest position in football to find in the draft...and you don't need all-pro guards anyways...unless your QB and RB both suck ass, in which case you should be drafting a QB or RB

for a team with our needs, it's a giant ****ing waste...not to mention it just makes me sick on principal, a team that won't draft QBs but will draft guards..
Disagree. A big, strong guard who can block giant tackles that is also athletic enough to pull and smart enough to pick up blitzes can open up the offense quite a bit. Sure, you can find guards late. I also think you can find RBs late. In a normal draft DeCastro wouldn't need to be taken this high, but it's a very weak draft.
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