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Originally Posted by htismaqe
I decided to start a franchise in Madden with the Chiefs and instead of playing the games for the first (2004) season, I would sim them to mimic what has happened in real life.

Right now, I'm starting week 4 at 0-3 and here's a couple of gems.

Chris Bober and Jason Dunn are demanding playing time or a trade.

But these are the funniest:

I checked my Advisors screen and amongst other things, they're saying "The sports radio shows are ripping the team new one" and "We've got cap room. Now's not the time to be frugal."

A freaking video game is smart enough to figure it out, but the braintrust at 1 Arrowhead Drive isn't?
Good thing it's a game...I'd be PISSED if that was the REAL season.

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