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Originally Posted by saphojunkie View Post
You see what you did there?

Terrible trolling.

The doubling up of "whatever" to ruin your grammar was a nice attempt, but you went too far too quickly to recover. You have to be much more subtle when you are feigning stupidity. There is a visible difference between illiterate morons and literate jackasses pretending to be illiterate morons.

I know it's offseason and you're bored, but you have to try harder than this. Try to come back with a real troll take. Tell us that, I don't know, the Chiefs should trade down and stockpile picks, because Johnny Manziel is the future of the NFL.

But you have to do it believably. You have to articulate an argument that is infuriatingly stupid, but you can't say it in a stupid way. That's good trolling. A seemingly intelligent person who is stubbornly wrong in the face of facts. Nothing flames up a board like that. Not an actual shit sucking idiot like you are trying to be.

So, again I say to you...

Terrible trolling.

poor attempt.

Now, ahem...

**** off.
Wtf you make no sense and no sir you **** off

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