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Originally Posted by GonzoRox88 View Post
You had 2 chances to make 1 valid point.


Larry Johnson anyone? Brodie was kind of without his service for his starts...that might have been an issue. Just maybe. And it doesn't matter if he was at top form last year, teams gameplanned LJ, and when he went down they sure as hell weren't going to gameplan Harris or Smith.
Oh that is right I forgot about the incredible services that Larry Johnson provided us with last year was lost thus Croyle failed to compete. What? LJ didn't do crap all season, before or after he went down. BUT.... we still managed to win games without Croyle and lose them with him. And to compare him to Elway or Aikman or Manning is an overated comparison. For when these guys played they may have lost the game but they put their team on their shoulders. One thing that Croyle doesn't have....the ability to put a team on his shoulders and the lack of....shoulders.
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