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Originally Posted by KILLER_CLOWN View Post
Heh, who would that be? I never stated SH was a conspiracy? Never landed on the moon? What's your drink of choice this hour Kotter? seriously.
Not saying YOU did....but all the tin-foil anti-govt BS you spam this place with suggest you just might....

Originally Posted by GoChargers View Post
Translation: "Stop liking what I don't like!"

What your ilk don't understand is that....

a.) A government that agrees on everything all the time is likely dangerous and hungry for power. Without any voices of dissent in government, we the people are left with nobody to stand up for us.

b.) Some things - such as civil liberties and our inalienable rights - absolutely CANNOT be compromised on if we want to maintain a just society based on liberty and democratic-republican values.
Dissent is fine, it's the tin-foil conspiracy B.S. and blame that nutjobs like you (I guess) seem to believe in that is fostered by political extremism on both sides that is laughable.

FTR, I would strongly oppose any attempt to curtail true civil liberties and rights, so you are barking up the wrong tree there slick. Liberty and freedom have nothing to do with democratic or republican values--those transcend any and all of the political bullshit.

Go drink some more talk radio kool-aid, and call me in the morning. Okay?
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