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Seems a bit fraudish. There is already a lot a research putting lenses on solar cells. Using a ridiculous (perfect? not likely) sphere (filled with water..ooooo) over a tiny array of cells is just silly. Also,even if the concentration factor was 10 000, that doesn't equate to an equivalent increase in energy conversion. There is better research, better methods, and more promise in other lines of experimentation. The line about taking a while to come to market because of that darn "Red tape" set off alarm bells. There are no goverment agencies "certifying" solar equipment. This ain't the FDA and medicine. There is no bureaucracy to slog through. Sounds like a delaying tactic to hold off the kickstarters who ponied up cash and got a glorified snow globe with one solar cell that lights up an LED or runs a tiny fan (I have no idea what little "desktop" toy they got other than what was described).
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