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Revolver, this is the equivalent of the crap about Clinton not inhaling the joint. Now we all know he inhaled. My problem with it then was why he lied about it. He was a kid at the time, and regardless of what I think about Clinton now I doubt seriously that he's doing bong hits in the Oval Office.

While Bush was not forthcoming with this, when this news broke he acted like a man and dealth with it.

My major problem with Clinton is that he is a habitual liar, has lied under oath WHILE IN OFFICE, and has reduced the office of President to nothing more than late night cannon fodder for Leno and Letterman. Can you even hear the man's voice and NOT think he's lying? These things he did as a MATURE ADULT.

And God only knows what other "youthful indiscretions" were performed by both Clinton and Gore. Do you really think ANY of these guys are saints? Perhaps Clinton and Gore are just better at covering their tracks.
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