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Originally Posted by JohnnyV13 View Post
Ok, jettio. Let's look at it from the best light possible for the Obama administration.

Ambassador Stevens screws up, and suddenly, he's stuck in Benghazi. He now knows he is trapped and he needs help.

The Obama administration is listening in and sits on their hands for a number of hours while relief troops are chomping at the bit to go in.

Then, the Obama administration lies to the American people about the whole thing being caused by what is essentially a terrorist "flash mob"---which would be completely unpredictable.

Not coincidentally, these lies are clearly undertaken to preserve Obama's perceived competency before an election.

Hillary Clinton screams "4 Americans are dead, what difference does it make?". The difference, Hillary, is the electorate very much has a right to know about an administration's job performance when they are asking for election to another term. While lying in this regard probably does not rise to impeachment, it's certainly bad political behavior. Presidents, like everyone else, can lie in situations where they have no legal duty to tell the truth.

The other question I have for Hillary is "Secretary Clinton, just what was your position on the public's "Right to know" when you were a legal council during the Watergate Hearings? And, why does it "not make a difference" today? Could that difference be related to the fact that you were trying to win power in 1974, while today, you're trying to protect the power you have earned?"
What you say about relief troops chomping at the bit to go in is based on what credible source?

Seems to me that the controversy over the next Sunday talking points were fully hashed out to the entire electorate before the election.

Can you explain why you think it wasn't? Every criticism that could be made about that was made by the folks supporting Romney's election and opposing Obama.

Wasn't it the case that the GOP lost its sense of honor and decided that after Clint Eastwood and Mitt Romney had a joke of a convention, and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had an effective one, that the Benghazi attack could be the chance to swing the election, especially after Susan Rice toured the Sunday shows and the Lybian government immediately stated that it was a terrorist attack not necessarily provoked by the outrage over the blasphemous film..

Find me the one stupid mother*cker that did not know that the people that stormed the mission were bad people.

Find me the next stupid mother*cker who thinks that saying that the movie provoked a violent response is ready to forgive those people who attacked.

Your whole take about the Obama campaign pulling off some genius move that was incredibly effective even though it was immediately exposed is nonsense.

There is hardly anything said about Benghazi since the election that was not said before the election. In fact, there were a lot of lies told before the election that you still seem to believe.

The reason why the GOP trying to ride Benghazi to victory did not work was because it was a dishonorable effort to exploit a situation where the bad guys won. The GOP can keep on trying to do the same thing over and over and it will never work because it is easy to see that they are not honorable or honest.

There is not one American voter who voted for Obama because of any misleading thing said by the Obama campaign or administration in the days after Benghazi.

Do you think there was some Romney leaning voter or undecided voter that watched the Sunday talk shows and listened to Susan Rice and then all of a sudden decided to vote for Obama and held on to that even after all of the GOP efforts to make hay out of that and then the GOP efforts to lie and say that the calvary was ready to come to the rescue but did not come to the rescue because somebody figured it would be better to let people get killed when they could be saved.

That has got to be the stupidest theory ever. We have a rescue squad ready to be deployed in a situation where they will be effective, but let's not send them in because letting the terrorist attack kill our people will swing an election we are already winning into our favor. Huh?
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