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I just read in Vermiel's 6/11 interview on that Belser will most likely be competing for the third or fourth safety spot.

Also, for those interested this was also in the interview:

Q: (WR) Mickael Ricks played some tight end today, is that right ?

VERMEIL: "We moved him in there to work him as we do Tony (Gonzalez), especially in a pass offense. He did well. We're working on it and plan to take it into camp and see how it works. He's almost 240 pounds now."

Q: Was (WR) Snoop Minnis doing a little work with the first team today ?

VERMEIL: "Yeah, we're going to get him more reps with it. We might work (WR) Sylvester (Morris) some at the "Z" position too, because he's going to have to learn to play both spots (flanker, split end.)
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