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Originally Posted by the Talking Can View Post
it's absolutely a waste...and it is cowardly and dumb to boot

the economic argument you are making is better applied to the QB position...draft one, it costs basically nothing

LBs aren't important, QBs are....and we've waited 30 freaking years for one

nevermind that te'o isn't even close to being the best lb to come out in years...

Cassel and Quinn and you want a LB with the #1 pick in the draft
Drafting the most talented player in the draft, is never dumb. Especially if he fits a position of need. Drafting a bust QB who will never play, is dumb. Ask the Jaguars if they'd like to have that Blaine Gabbert pick back, I'm sure they'd love to, and Gabbert was a decent college guy, had a good combine, and posted up an amazing wonderlic. Who would have thought he'd suck in the NFL? I did, because I saw something in that kid I didn't like.

I am not arguing FOR drafting Te'o, if you believe that, you clearly cannot read. I'm simply playing devils advocate and saying I am not OPPOSED to drafting him, like some of you are. I'm not advocating drafting for safety either, I'm all for taking a shot at a guy here. But you don't pass up what could be the best ILB for the next decade, all because you're needy at QB. You don't even get that right to make an argument against that since you didn't even start your 2nd year QB this year. If Geno or Barkley or whoever doesn't just absolutely blow the world away in Pro Day and Combine workouts, you can't just haphazardly throw that pick away because you need a QB.

Originally Posted by Molitoth View Post
Linebackers don't win games, QBs DO. How many games has Derrick Johnson won for us throughout his career? How many has ray Lewis won for Baltimore?

Linebackers stop the run.... And today is a passing league.

In todays NFL You get a QB and build the team around him.
DJ has won 2 or 3 games for us if I'm not mistaken, but that is actually beside the point here. It certainly is a QB driven league, but the QB is not the only man on the field. You don't win games if you give up 30-40 a game, so the argument of "QB's win games, X position doesn't" is moot. Do you think the Vikings go to the playoffs without AP? No. Do the Texans make the playoffs without Arian Foster? Not a ****ing chance in the world. Do the ravens go to the playoffs without Rice? Not going to happen. Does Seattle go to the playoffs without Lynch? Yeah ****ing right, and Russel wouldn't look nearly as good without him.

In all honesty, there are VERY FEW QB's in this league you can make that argument for them winning games. Brady, Mannings, Rodgers, Ryan(despite the lack of playoff wins) sure, and most of them are in the playoffs. But half of them also have a solid ground game too.

It isn't always about the QBs on the teams, but it is about the WHOLE team functioning as one unit. Having a solid running game and solid defense, will win you more games than not, and help pave the way to a playoff run. After all, I don't give a **** if we make the playoffs to get blown out by the Colts, I want to win a playoff game for a change, and that is going to require us to have a solid defense and a good QB. Of which we have neither right now.

Originally Posted by Saccopoo View Post
And do you know how many of those there have been in the past 30 years?


John Elway and Andrew Luck.

That's it.

So you are willing to wait around another 30 years and hope we have the first pick in the draft when they come around?

(And if you don't remember, there were a couple of guys taken after Elway who ended up in the Hall of Fame that weren't "lights out, guaranteed not to **** this up" type of players. In fact, that's why they were drafted behind a guy named Todd Blackledge.)

You obviously don't remember the Derrick Johnson who played for the Chiefs under Herm Edwards. The guy was basically a lazy, out of shape first round bust and was actually benched by Haley for sucking so bad.
Seriously? Two? Are you a Stanford Homer or something? There's been much more than "two", and Elway isn't even in the top 5 of the list in that timespan.

Again, I'm not saying we shouldn't take a QB, I'm saying that I'm not opposed to taking Te'O if no QB truly shines, and Te'o looks like a golden goose.

And yes, I remember a young DJ under Herm, I remember the rest of the team under Herm too, you aren't placing all of this on DJ are you? lol.

Originally Posted by the Talking Can View Post
"oh noes, it risky! draft LB for value"
I remember that same argument coming up in 2009 when we took Tyson Jackson over Aaron Curry, up until this year, that pick looked to be wrong as well. Who knows, maybe we'll bring Curry in this off season and see if he can earn a spot lol.
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