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Every time I contemplate posting in this thread, the first couple lines from that Marilyn Manson song, "This is the New Shit" floats through my head ("everything has been said before, nothing left to say anymore") and then I can't get the song out of my head for like 10 minutes.

Well **** it... whatever I write has probably been covered numerous times already, but oh well. I have followed this thread pretty closely, but with 618 pages and still going strong, it's fair to say that I have missed my share of them.

On a pre-sidenote, it's cool that SNR has been Geno Smith's most vocal advocate... I never knew who Geno was until SNR mentioned him, I'm pretty sure well over a year ago....I've been a Geno fan ever since. Geno has always been on ol' SNR's radar.


The lack of media and "expert" cred that Geno seems to have fallen prey to so far is really irritating to me. I live in an area where there is not an abundance of Chiefs fans. I mean there are some... but there are way more Bears, Packers, Vikings, Steelers, Cowboys, etc. fans. With that said, regardless if people from my area care about the Chiefs or not, I reference them in my facebook status often. 99% of the people who see my status updates literally don't give a shit about the Chiefs and I know it, but don't care. However, every time I do post something Chiefs-related, the 5 or so other Chiefs fans on my friends list always chime in... this year with all the drama, even fans of other teams have chimed in.They've been confidence boosters, for many of their opinions are dumb as hell...these guys made me feel a year and a half or so ago that I really know my Chiefs football, which when I created my account on here in Sept 2011, I discovered that compared to many of you who regularly post on here....I don't know jack-shit. So for the most part, I'm sitting back and learning from ya. Anyways... so my Chiefs football facebook posts usually receive a relatively decent amount of interaction regardless of the majority of people not giving a shit. With that said, today I posted about the new GM, how I can't wait until we cut Cassel, how Stanzi still has a soft spot in my heart and how I hope he succeeds somewhere (yes I realize how unlikely this is by now....Stanzi has actually sparked many originally Chief-apathetic Iowans' interest in the Chiefs) and concluded it with how we need to draft Geno Smith with the #1 pick in the draft. Usually people agree with what I post on there, for I am posting amongst people who know less than me, and I don't know jack-shit compared to most of you...they've begun agreeing with me for I've been correct over the years posting the obvious (Cassel sucks, Pioli is a fraud, etc.) in which people used to argue with me for it wasn't obvious to them....until this year now that it has become straight up undeniable. People who have responded/interacted on my status update today either expressed that they too wished things looked better for the Stanz, or adamantly disagreed with me regarding taking Geno with the 1st pick. Most common comment is along the lines of, "you seriously believe Geno Smith is someone to build your team around?" or "dude Swaff, Geno is no RG3" (sometimes I wonder if the people I am surrounded by realize that African American athletes differ from each other in terms of style). I argued back, stating that the dude threw for 42 TD's and 6 INTs this year with 71.2 completion percentage. Not to mention, 31 TD's, 7 INTs last year as a Junior and 24 TD's, 7 INTs as a Sophomore with roundabout completion percentage of 65% in both seasons and followed by asking, "statistically speaking, what is there not to like about the kid?" Someone replied that they thought he looked awful in his bowl game, which they thought was the only "big" game he had ever played in (ugh!) and because Kiper had him rated low on his big board.....then this stupid ****er said we should draft OL because it has been "obvious that the Chiefs have been unable to protect their QB for the entire Cassel era." I responded by referencing that Geno played in the Orange Bowl last season as a Junior, which was a bigger game than their bowl game this year. And not only did he PLAY in one of the most prestigious Bowl games, he set freaking records in it. WV won 70-33 and Geno tied records for most passing TDs in the history of the Orange Bowl (6), most overall TDs (7) and most total points by a player (42)....and set the record for most passing yards in a game with 401 yards, passing none other than Tom Brady's previous record of 396 yards. Incredible performance in a huge game. I also told him to not rely so heavily on what these draft "experts" like Kiper say, for they are influenced by, if that is true, I learned it from you guys. I stated that I believe Geno Smith's ceiling to me, from my eye test, seems to be a combination of Mcnabb and Rodgers. I then threw out Luck's statistics from his 2 full seasons when he threw for 32 TD's and 8 INTs for a 70.7 completion % followed by his final season at Stanford where he threw for 37 TD's and 10 INTs with a completion percentage of 71.3%. I acknowledged that Luck seemed to have more year to year (well, just his final 2 seasons) consistency in terms of completion scoring over 70% in his final 2 seasons. However I noted that I believe that he is more prone to INTs than Geno and that he had a great supporting cast with guys like Decastro on the line and Coby Fleener...who happens to be his TE in the frigging NFL.....wanted to bring that up before anyone could say that the two are incomparable due to Geno having weapons, and Luck not having them. I concluded by stating that I am more excited about the possibility of HOPEFULLY drafting Geno than I would have been if we were expected to select Andrew Luck. And I meant it. I like Geno more than Luck. that stupid of me? Honestly? Statistically speaking and by the eye test (I watched a lot of both in college), I don't think it is too far off-base. I always thought Luck was great, but not the once in a lifetime demigod that he is often portrayed as. There are some things that I am not 100% clear of in terms of comparing the the difficulty of their schedules or most importantly, the offensive schemes they primarily operated. So I know there is a possibility of me being an absolute moron by stating that I think Geno is as exciting of a prospect as Luck. But is anyone else with me? Does anyone else think he is just as intriguing or more of a prospect than Luck? And if I'm crazy, please explain why. If you HAVE TO, call me a ****tard if you want before doing explaining why (but note that I have already acknowledged that I know I could be missing something).

Why in the hell is this dude so harshly critiqued?! What the hell is he lacking that is so damning to the point where actually selecting a DL or OL is even being MENTIONED?!? So he had a couple games where he wasn't perfect, you think other elite QBs didn't have those same games in college? Someone please explain it to me because I seriously don't get it. I think some posters on here like to latch on to a prospect early on and they stand firm with them regardless of what happens because they want to be "the guy who first brought it to the Planet's attention" or "the guy who was right all along" For example: no offense Mr. Tomahawk, but you have struck me as one of these types ever since your Tannehill thread....and now Wilson, who I am warming up to a bit, partially because of some of the stuff you have posted...but you are by no means the only one I am referring to. However, I do think you wouldn't mind being "the guy who discovered the guy and brought it to our attention." Heck, someone could say the same about SNR, considering I remember him talking about Geno since last season...before he was on anyone's radar...I just happen to agree with the dude most of the time. And then there's ChiefsandO's and his unconditional Barkley love. Some posters seem to have had their minds made up from the beginning and are not going to consider the alternatives regardless of how damning the evidence is against a particular prospect or how positive the evidence potentially may be for another....which is fine with me, it helps maintain that spark of entertainment value that keeps me coming back to read this site.

Yeah, yeah I know.... tl;dr...but for anyone who did, help me out here. Are we going to have to wait until the combine and/or team workouts before this dude is universally given the credit that he deserves?
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