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Originally Posted by Reaper16 View Post
If there's a single thing that I dislike about the Sporting Kansas City fanbase -- and a thing that is going to turn potential new fans in KC away from the team -- it is the fanbase's propensity for talking shit on the Royals.
One of my favorite quotes of all time is 'the opposite of love is not hate but indifference.' The fact that fans (any fans) passionately diss on the Royals show they still care. The Royals give fans AND haters plenty to diss on. Seriously, it's when people stop talking about them, you don't see their stickers, flags, or tshirts. Or when the laughing stops THEN you have a problem. Right now, people are still engaged though not in a positive manner but they still give a sh*t. Another few games, weeks, years and that may not be the case.

Lastly, the SKC fans might have gotten a bit cocky with the team's recent success. I think last night was a big wake up call. However, in this city of settling, mediocrity, and celebrating the status quo who could blame them for flaunting their good fortune? I think their message is not 'look at SKC, we are so great' but rather 'look what happens when you are set from old school owners and embrace change.'
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