Thread: U.S. Issues 911 was an inside job.
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Originally Posted by Taco John
I'm curious what you find to be a stretch... Everything they covered is fairly well documented. SOme of the stuff they cover raises some questions that would lead the mind to stretch. But like I said... They document pretty much everything.
I'll have to get back to you on that. There were a couple things in there that I thought could be explained away in other ways, but I don't remember specifically what they were. I'll have to watch it again tomorrow when I'm less tired.

Edit: I do remember one of them. The part about the Pentagon, and the clipped light poles, when he was comparing how a much smaller plane got ripped to pieces clipping one, but a 757 clipping eight of them didn't leave any debris. I didn't think that was a real sound comparison, because the wings on a 757 would presumably be a lot stronger than a smaller aircraft. But what they said about the 6-ton titanium engines that have a higher melting point than the top burning temperature of jet fuel, and didn't even leave a dent in the wall or shatter the glass certainly makes one wonder.

The jet fuel was another thing I wasn't sure about. He said jet fuel is the same as kerosene. I'm not sure about the accuracy of that. I know the fuel they use in military jets is definitely different from kerosene, much more dangerous and caustic. I don't know about commercial airliners, though.
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