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Originally Posted by SPchief View Post
I already responded to that.

I made it clear earlier in this thread that I advocated for McDaniels/Pioli/Cassel to KC back in 2008.

Going back in time, under the same circumstances with McDaniels coordinating one of the best offenses in NFL history, with Cassel producing a Pro Bowl-caliber season, with Pioli's multiple NFL Executive of the Year awards on his resume I would do the same thing.

Back in 2008, there was good reason to want all three in KC... especially given the Herm/Carl/Thigpen/Croyle fiasco.

On the other hand, pimping the likes of Brodie Croyle, Chase Daniel, etc. was dumb from the start. There was never any basis to think any of these guys were NFL caliber QB's.

Hamas thought otherwise.
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