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Not so much snobby, but I really enjoyed going into some clans server and wiping the mat with their best players while being without a clan myself. Getting alot of invites to clans but giving them a "thanks, but I am good" oh that was sweet!

My favorite moment was me packing a SAW in that open map with a bus in the middle (been almost a year, forget the name) and making a clan boot me because I pretty much crushed their team by myself. I was like 89-15 that map. Good times!

I recently got back on COD4 for a map to see how bad I am now. 12-10...ouch!

Looking forward to getting MW2 during lunchbreak. I will get ownd for awhile, but should be decent in time.

Any PC gamers look me up sometime. I usually go with the tag "Punchinbag".
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