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Originally Posted by Amnorix View Post
As Pats reporter Mike Reiss points out, the first one (taller goal posts) may have been triggered by the controversial end of the 2012 AFCCG. Ravens go on to win the SB...

I'm ok with 2, which was discussed elsewhere on here.

I think 3 is freaking OBVIOUS. HELLO!!

4 is fine with me also.

Not that I'm a Pats homer or anything, but all of these just seem to make alot of sense.
FG was from a week 3 game. Pats lost the title game by 15.

Originally Posted by Amnorix View Post
Not passing #3 seems really, really stupid. Why wouldn't you want a good angle to determine if the ball went over the goal line? Ridiculous.
Yeah, dumb. Been asking this for years.
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