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Originally Posted by Metrolike
Heh, thanks, it's really old though and I don't know where the papers are. I'll definatelly look into it that, though.

Another question: I have a really old power supply (150 watt ), can anything bad happen from using it to troubleshoot?
yeah... like nothing will work.
150w rofl is right. not enough juice.

dude, if your machine got fried by lightning, you're pretty much
looking at replacing everything. your CD drive(s) might still
function, and you might be able to get a HD reformatted,
but mainboard and pci/agp cards are more than likely toast. those
12v boards weren't meant to handle 10000v... cripes a static charge
will even fry them, so you can imagine what a lightning $trike will do.

sorry to hear it and good luck.
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