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Originally Posted by vailpass View Post
Yep. Romney would eat obama alive in the corporate world, at the negotiating table, in a strategic planning session in the boardroom, anywhere.
obama's empty suit was on full display for the world to see last night. He couldn't even look Romney in the eye, kept his eyes down like the beat dog he was. That this is the kind of "leader" in our White House should give everyone great concern.
You're right. This election is pretty darn easy for me anyway. The # 1 problem in the country is the economy in my book. Who is better at fixing it? IMHO, Romney by far. It isn't even close. Last night anyone listening with an open mind would get the same answer. Look, Romney might be a putz, BUT I'd much rather have him in charge of the economy than Obama. He needs to get the country back on track, because what Obama is doing is not working. Plain and simple.
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