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Originally Posted by NJChiefsFan View Post
The problem isn't that I don't understand what you are saying. The problem is that the difference between Geno/Wilson and the rest is big enough. Having Barkley over Wilson is crazy. Also, ILB being tied with CB is crazy. That is the major issue that creates the argument. That and not understanding that the QB position is SO important that even if you aren't gaining a massive difference between 1st and 2nd round QBs, its still more than enough to make QB the pick over Teo.
Not understanding that the QB position is so important? Are you really that dumb? Do you really think that I rank QB play so lowly that I don't know the importance of the QB position in football? Did you even play football? Just a question, I did.

Originally Posted by NJChiefsFan View Post
You also asked me who Glennon was a while back. How can you possibly rank him properly or understand the gap between him and Geno/Wilson?
It was a joke you idiot, Jesus Christ. Sarcasm played upon you guys as Glennon now made his way into a Mock as the #1 QB taken, after it was a constant flip flop of Geno and Barkley all year, which contradicts your point made above this about how its been Geno/Wilson all along. It hasn't and the scouts/talking heads agree with me, else they would be posting mocks like last year where it was a consensus that it would be Luck/RG3 only for the #1/#2 spots, and no one else.

Originally Posted by KILLER_CLOWN View Post
That's not what I meant, what I mean is the mock drafturbator is so ****ing worthless he doesn't deserve his own thread much less an exploding head reaction when GENO will be a CHIEF with the 1st overrall pick.

Originally Posted by Saccopoo View Post
Holy shit.

You can't possibly be this ****ing stupid.
Sometimes you have to dumb it down that far for people to grasp the concept that perhaps there is, in fact, a logical process to the draft. And not just drafting a QB with your first pick because you need one, regardless of who else is on the board.

Originally Posted by Nightfyre View Post
If we're playing madden, what are the speeds of the linebackers? That makes a big difference for me.
I like you now.

Originally Posted by SNR View Post
Colquitt's on the last year of his contract. He'll need leverage. Call up Gene Smith and find out what his scouts know about punters.

And your route sucks. It delays the most important position unnecessarily. It takes away our agency and choice, which is the WHOLE ****ING POINT of giving the worst team in the NFL the #1 overall pick. Why settle for Mike Glennon or (worse) Ryan Nassib when we can pick from Geno Smith or Tyler Wilson (both of him will be gone likely by the top 10). Why would you delay taking the best possible QB all so you can get ****ing TEO?

And Te'o isn't the ****ing bee's knees of this draft. He doesn't have elite speed. He's not a physical freak like Pat Willis. He's probably pretty smart and pretty dedicated. He could be a good player, but so could Shane Skov, who can be had likely TWO ****ING ROUNDS later. Te'o isn't Patrick Willis like you think he is. He's not Ray Lewis. He's James Laurenaitis at best.
We won't let Dustin leave, this is the Kansas City Chiefs, we set records for most punts inside of the 20. How could we ever let that go?

As for the draft route, it doesn't do anything but allow us to get maximum value out of our first two draft picks, nothing else.

I really doubt at this point, that both Wilson and Smith will be gone inside of the top 10. I also doubt that there will be a thin group of solid QB's at the start of the second round. There will be 2, at most 3 QB's taken in the first, and right now, that might even look high. That is how bad this QB draft class is. That does not mean this draft class isn't good as a whole.

So many of you seem to think that the draft is based solely on the QB position. That if there isn't a solid group of QB's, the draft sucks and there isn't a solid group of players in the draft at all. That is incorrect, this is probably the most stacked linemen draft we've seen in a long time. There are a ton of serviceable QB's available, as well as a ton of linebackers available. I'm not going to argue that there isn't talent in this draft at the ILB position, I'm just saying that if there is ONE guy who ends up being leaps and bounds above everyone else, and that isn't at the QB position, and it ends up being a guy in a position of need, why not take him and get your QB later? You certainly won't lose talent by doing this.

And I really think you are underselling Te'o, it is really hard to place value on a solid tackler from a drafting perspective, but in game time situations, priceless. And what has been our biggest weakness in the front 7 for the last few years? Tackling inside the tackles, go figure.
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