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Originally Posted by SNR View Post
Wanna bet?

Smith and Wilson will be gone within the top 10. Barkley will be gone in the first round. Glennon MIGHT be gone as well, depending on what Aaron Murray is doing.

We're going to have to pick from Tyler Bray and Ryan Nassib in the 2nd round, both players who need time on the bench with the coaches before they get thrown onto the field.

They're garbage compared to Geno Smith and Tyler Wilson. Both of those guys have elite QB talent that you don't find in every draft. It's idiocy to pass that up all in the name of draft value.

All you're doing right now is ensuring me that the QBs will be there in the 2nd round. I think you're a ****ing lunatic. There's no way a Day 1 starting QB will be there in the 2nd round for us. At least 3 will be taken in the 1st. Likely 4, and possibly 5.

Those are NOT good odds for our guy that we draft. All so we could take ****ing TEO?
And who exactly is going to be taking all of these QB's in the first round? I'm curious.

And also, until we see a Combine and a few pro days, we cannot assume any player has truly separated themselves from the rest, when the talking heads themselves are picking a new QB every week for the #1 QB taken.

Originally Posted by Nightfyre View Post
1. Geno Smith
2. Xavier Rhodes
3a. Margus Hunt
3b. Jonathan Franklin
4. Baccari Rambo
5. AJ Klein
6. Marcus Lattimore
7. Ray Ray Armstrong
Ewwww, and then lol @ Lattimore.

Originally Posted by SNR View Post
Drafting a LB to improve the tackling is like drafting a WR to improve the drop percentage.

What you want is a LB who will always be in a position to make the play. That's what Patrick Willis does very well. The opposite is a guy who is incapable of getting into a good position, but always wraps up when he does. Like Mike Maslowski.

Te'o is something in between. But he sure as **** ain't Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis, and that's not going to help us out one bit.

Geno Smith, however, WILL help us out if he even plays decent. He'll help us out A LOT.
I think you're underselling Te'o stil, but it doesn't bother me. I do agree that Geno will help a lot, but how much more will Geno help over, say, Wilson or Bray? So far from what everyone has seen, that gets paid for their input, not much if any. So why not go ahead and take that guy who is head and shoulders above the rest, Te'O and then get your equal value QB in the 2nd?

Don't just argue that I'm wrong, jump inside of my hypothesis and justify your decision, or simply say "In your hypothesis you are correct, we should do that". I'm tired of having to argue adjusted variables in your guys' arguments here. My argument is simply if everything is set in stone as it sits and there is ZERO separation at QB and we are GUARANTEED to get the same talent in round 2 as round 1, would you really draft a QB? That's all I'm asking here. Simple Yes or No would suffice. "Yes" for "I'm an idiot" "No" for "I have a brain and use it at least thrice a day".

Originally Posted by NJChiefsFan View Post
After saying the NFL isn't that much different and also being willing to take Teo over Geno/Wilson, yeah I do think you don't understand. Congrats on playing football though. Certainly hasn't helped you understand how important an NFL QB is.

All along? Did I say that? Talking about right now. Your listing of Barkley over Wilson shows you are stuck on pre-season thoughts. Watch some Barkley. I have never listed other mocks as my source so not sure how what they say contradicts anything.
So again, you haven't comprehended anything I've written and you're just crying in your coacoa puffs because I'm not on your "Draft Geno" bandwagon? Build a bridge cry baby. I'm not sold on Geno, but I am sold on Te'o, and until Geno proves otherwise, I will not be sold on Geno or any other QB so far. Does that mean I am saying we shouldn't draft a QB? NO, you're dumb. I'm just saying we should get one in the second round if one does not emerge as an Elite QB.

As for QBs, I have Wilson above Barkley, but that doesn't mean Wilson will get drafted first.

Contrary to popular belief Mr. Herptyderp, teams don't normally draft players based on their ranking.


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