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Originally Posted by ChiefGator View Post
I still don't understand how the 49ers offensive line gets so much love and yet their QB gets sacked so much.
Team success leads people to think the 49ers are strong all over. In a way, they are. Their pass protection hasn't been all that good, though. It is true that Alex occasionally takes a sack rather than force a throw. Sometimes, this is the wise thing to do.. sometimes, not so much. It can be frustrating to the casual fan that has no regard for consequences. (but with our team, better to punt than to force a pick six if no one is open, and the score doesn't demand such a risk)

Then Kaepernick comes in... and while he can't read defenses as well as Smith yet, he is a freak when it comes to evading a near sack. So a guy like Kaep can make OL pass pro look much better than it truly is.

Even the run blocking gets a bit overrated at times. There were lots of 3rd and short conversions that failed on run attempts too... where we added extra heavies that only managed to clog up our RB lanes. (and of course, the QB takes the blame for those conversions too, lolz!)
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