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Brady Quinn is worse.

I know you're all realling from getting spanked at home to Phyllis Rivers, the muppet of the AFC West. However I am going to resist rubbing it in and just let you all know that unless Stanzi fingured out how to play football in the last seven weeks, there probably isn't a QB on your roster who is better than Cassel.

Brady Quinn sucks.

No seriously, if you want a guy that makes an adorable game face and then dumps the ball off every play to the running back, he's your man. Trust me when I say, if you are wanting Brady Quinn to come in and give a spark, apart from grabbing his teammates crotches, there is little else he can do to motivate the team. Now his appologists will say:

"But he was awesome at Notre Dame!" Yeah. So was Claussen.

"But he played for the Browns and never got a fair shake." Aside from these two points contradicting each other, that he is a Browns QB alone is evidence of his suck. People act like the Browns make good players bad. They don't. They are a **** franchise and so anytime they draft anyone, it is extremely likely the person they drafted sucks. The Browns didn't make them suck, they just pick crappy players. They're like that girl that keeps dating broken men and then blames all men on why they are unhappy.

"But no QB can be as crappy as Cassel." This is a fair point, but you haven't seen Brady Quinn play more than a few games. He is awful. Utterly.

So be careful what you wish for.
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