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Originally Posted by Brock View Post
How come people will use CDC statistics about autism, but won't believe the CDC when they say vaccinating doesn't cause autism?
I only have a few questions for you. Have you ever asked your doctor for the box the vaccine came in and read the ingredients? I had a couple of patients who swore they were not getting heavy metals in their shots ask the doctor for the box and believe it or not one was given the actual box and the other a copy of the ingredients. Both patients and doctors were shocked to see heavy metals in the shots.

Second, why did they make manufactures stop selling aluminum cookware? they discovered that it was causing severe brain damage after years of use. Any heavy metal will. So they tell you not to ingest mercury or aluminum in fish, which passes through your digestive track with all the gastric acid etc, but think it is safe to inject directly into a very young child's blood stream? Which by the way bypasses all the child's natural immunity barriers. Come on that's just common sense isn't it?

One more thing why is it that children who have never been vaccinated have no autism, like mine and the Amish, and those children who are seem to develop it very soon after being vaccinated?

I am not looking to argue with you only asking you to think. Do you trust Big Pharma? Vioxx was blamed for almost 27,000 deaths by sudden cardiac arrest. You think that didn't come up in the trials? of course it did but they hide those lies to get stuff on the market. I will try and find the video from 60 minutes with Mike Wallace where he asked the head of the American Pharmaceutical industry why they gave kids in this country the more dangerous form of a specific vaccine and not use the one they use in Britain and his answer was "that it is much cheaper to pay the millions in lawsuits than to retool the factories. When Mike Wallace almost lost his mind saying "but these are our children" the guy answered, "no, it's business". I will attempt to find it and post it if I can find it.

God Bless you and best of health to you all. check out this example

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