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Generally speaking the participates on this BB conduct themselves in a civil manner. The possible exception would be the dog-piling on Ken but, that is not really worthy of additional comment. This virtual community consists of a group of intelligent, passionate, and sometimes arrogant football fans. Many of us still Respect Marty and his accomplishments as a head coach. Most of us think we like Gun as a person, ( I say think because few if any of us actually know the man). Myself and many other people on this BB think Gun rose to the level of his incompetence. I did not see a structured thought process. There was not a clearly defined goal and no clear evidences of success. Marty with all his warts did know how to lead. He knew how to plan. He had a goal and how he thought the team should travel to reach this goal. They never made it but, one could at least see what he was trying to do. General Patton and Dick Van Patton were each suited to the jobs they had. These men were not however interchangeable. Gunny was a very good defensive coach he IMO did not understand delegation and administration but back to the topic at hand. While I can't speak for the others I am excited and optimistic about the upcoming season. Is it because of the so called Ramification of the Chiefs? Sort of. I like what I see and hear from Trent Green. He seems to know what it takes to be a leader. I don't expect to hear " I can't throw it and catch it too". As much as I loved watching the Nigerian Nightmare run over people I think watching Priest Holmes run around them will be fun too. Watching Gun being interviewed last year was often like watching a train wreck it wasn't pretty but you couldn't turn away. Dick Vermeil knows how to say the right things. yes they are scripted and not particularly enlightening but you don't have the queasy feeling of " Oh lord what is he going to say this time?" So basically what I'm saying is Marty and Gun are gone they each did some good things while they were here but, their time has passed. It is pre-season and hope springs eternal this time of year. Might as well hop on the band wagon and try and enjoy the ride. Should the Chiefs go 6-10 this year there will plenty of opportunity for complaining but in the mean time the Chiefs are undefeated in the regular season and we have those Rat-Bastages the Raiders headed to Arrowhead very soon. Ah football, how sweet it is!
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