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A Planet Party Line?. We have so many diverse opinions here that we seldom agree on anything. Throw out any topic and you are going to see a wide diversity of opinion [a wonderful thing, IMO], delivered with a wide diversity of styles.

I do not believe that there is any such thing as a Planet Party Line. I think this is someone trying to bolster his personal view by devaluing any other view that does not concur. Imply that anyone who thinks differently from you is just a sheep following the herd. Given our demonstrated dislike of groupthink, it is intended to shame someone into agreeing with the author, lest he be tainted as lacking independent thought.

This is a shamefully shoddy and transparent tactic that should have died stillborn in the author's head. He did no favor to himself by this lame attempt to assume the mantle of martyr.

Shame on him.

Disappointed on so many levels.
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