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Originally Posted by BWillie007 View Post
I don't quite understand what the problem is with having an odd # of teams in the conference, I mean who fucking cares. Why wait for ND (it's a pipe dream anyway), but if you end up with 13 big effing deal. It's not a problem in the least. Just go get FSU and Clemson, even if it takes like a mill away from each team at least it keeps your league from being poached.

ND is no longer a pipe dream.

The longer this goes in the direction the SEC and BigXII push it, ND will not have a choice. The idea of selling a bowl game where you don't pay homage to BCS bowl execs, but instead keep all the revenue, signals that the end may be near for BCS. And with it, goes the exceptions that allowed ND in the back door when they didn't belong.

My guess is that UT isn't really against the addition of FSU/Clemson, but are now waiting to see what signals ND may give in the next few days.
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