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Is the Republican Party the thing of the past? Doom and Gloom

I'll give the democrats this, they have a brilliant approach to guarantee a long career in politics. They won't be beaten again.

Keys to victory:
-Own the mainstream media. CNN, MSNBC etc
-Own the national news papers. NYT, Washington Post etc
-Own the online "news" like Yahoo News and other popular online news sites.
-Own Hollywood

This creates propaganda 24x7.

-Own the uninformed voter that cares more about voting based on race or their own personal agenda's instead of what's better for the country.

-Black vote is heavy Obama for the simple reason: he is black. They own a strong advantage in the woman's vote because of Pro Choice and they revere Hillary Clinton.

-Own the poor vote by sacrificing the upper/middle class by extreme taxes. They are much more likely to turn out because what else do they have to do other than vote. Voting can be seen as their job, because if they don't vote, their handouts can get taken away or altered. They are also moving a lot of the middle class into the poor class, thus increasing their voting pool.

-Own the Hispanic vote by opening the floodgates along the southern border no matter how damaging this is to the economy. This vote will only get larger.

-Own the younger vote by putting extreme leftist in colleges to pollute young, impressionable minds.

-Buy votes with special treatment. Obamacare is hated by the country, yet they depend on the unions so they pass exemptions for them. Oh, don't want their own party in congress to start questioning it, so they pass exemptions for them.

Their tactics are sickening, but brilliant. No way can the Republicans or any potential party compete with the propaganda machine, free handouts and illegal immigrants amnesty. I honestly can't see the Republicans ever winning another presidential election and after this latest f up, I don't see them controlling the house/senate anytime soon.

Never has a President been able to and excused for lying as much as Obama. Never have I seen a President continue to convince people that it's OK to spend up to 1/4 of your income on healthcare, where no where in the world spends more than 4% of their income on healthcare. I sat and watched a young democrat college student at a very prominent school beg to be taxed 60% of her income or more. Are you effing stupid I thought?

I think there is more likely to be a civil war, complete collapse of the US or the red states seceding before republicans control the white house again, not unless things change significantly.

As an American, I am terrified. Regardless of political affiliation, you should be to.

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