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Ten Things About Today's Game

10. There's already been a lot said today with the excitement of clinching a playoff spot. I had to rewind and review a lot of the game tonight, as I was in the back yard this afternoon trying to dig a hole in frozen ground to bury one of our pets who passed away yesterday. I've been in a foul mood all day, but this win had made the weekend much brighter, and we should all revel in the accomplishment. Great times like this don't come along often, you so really must appreciate them when they do come around. Drink it in. I don't think we'll see the kind of stark night and day difference in a two year span in Chiefs history ever again. These are special days.

9. If you're going to lay a butt kicking on somebody, what could be better than laying it on the FADE? My third grade elementary school teacher taught me a long time ago that 8 x 7 = 56. It sure as HELL does! And that's the most points the Chiefs have laid on an opponent since they put 59 on Denver in 1963 in the old AFL days. The weird thing is, this was a four point game deep into the third quarter. Then came the second wind, and the Chiefs regained their burst, and showed nothing but tail lights from that point on. The FADE were shut out in the fourth quarter, when it matters. On the broadcast -which featured our least favorite CBS announcer Dan Fouts, -more on him later - they said the FADE has a butt load of free agent money and seven draft picks next year. They're gonna need every bit of it, because they have holes everywhere, including at all the skill positions. They basically just managed to play even with KC in the second and third quarter, but KC's fast start, and fourth quarter dominance was ultimately the difference.

8. Jamaal Charles had the kind of day that puts you into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That's no kidding. He was the second coming Gale Sayers. Four pass receiving TD's in a single game by a running back is an NFL record. Five TD's in one game is a fantasy football geek's wet dream. The best part was scoring on the very first play from scrimmage. Just the absolute best, man. Here's the play, watch Rodney Hudson take out three guys on his lead block. Charles' speed once he hits the edge is unbelievable. He just downshifts, and he's gone:
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7. You'd think the FADE had never seen a screen pass before. It befuddled them all day long. Not only did the screens work but it wasn't even close. If there is something that is unsettling, it's that this game became a four point contest in the third quarter. I love this next play. Third and one, Charles leaks out of the backfield, and just shuts up the black hole. Nice block by Junior Hemmingway to spring Charles too. Hemmingway has played great on special teams and is a valuable guy, great addition to the squad:
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6. One of the things that was mentioned earlier on the CP board tonight was how bad KenDICK Lewis is. I've been harping about this guy all season long. Today was his defining character moment. Not only does he have a pick six hit him square in the hands, and he -of course- drops it, but then he goes all Dwayne Rudd and rips his helmet off on the playing field, which even casual fans knows is a penalty. Raiders get a first down, burn Cooper, burn Zombo on a DPI, and score. That's a 14 point turnaround. That will kill you in the playoffs. Playing stupid is the hallmark of the FADE. As a fat jolly guy once said around here... ELIMINATE BAD FOOTBALL. The difference between that fat jolly guy and the new fat jolly guy on the sideline is the new fat jolly guy has a buddy named Dorsey who WILL NOT tolerate crap like this. Dorsey's only had one year to work on personnel. You can't fix stupid, and he knows that. Look for KenDICK Lewis to be elsewhere next season. Hell, he might make a good Raider! Play in question is here:
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5. Alex Smith was 17 for 20 for 287 and 5 TDs while spreading the ball to eight different guys. That's a good day. Nice TD by Duck Dynasty, and how about Knile Davis? Davis is taking more load off Charles, and look at the results. A Fresh Charles is a Deadly Charles. Davis has protected the football (so far) but I don't know if I'd trust him in the playoffs or not. His TD run was a thing of beauty, it was Christian Okoye-like:
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4. Defense: Well, it's a mixed bag. No sacks, we still miss Justin Houston's pressure a lot, especially since he owned the FADE here at Arrowhead. But you can't argue with FIVE PICKS. Cooper got picked on again today, but he's a rookie and has to pay his dues. He's definitely going to be on the hot seat the rest of the season, especially in the playoffs. How about Eric Berry? You know, some days your All-Pro players actually show up and play like All-Pro players. Berry was great today. His pick six showed beautiful anticipation and he read and jumped the route perfectly. His second pick was even better. Berry could return punts if we needed him to. His open field ability is very good. Oh, and watch the dirty hit by a Raider at the end of this play. FADE football at its finest:
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3. Andy Reid may not be good at clock management, but the sucker is great at challenges. The challenge he won in the second half turned the game. It was a close call, but he won it, and KC converted on a touchdown immediately afterwards. That killed the FADE's momentum and pretty much ended their day. Time of possession meant absolutely NOTHING today, as the bounty of turnovers gave KC a short field over and over, and Charles scoring in chunks meant not much time was needed. KC killed clock effectively from the six minute mark on down in the fourth quarter, bleeding away any chance for a FADE rally.

2. If we're going to look for things to bitch about besides KenDICK Lewis, special teams had kind of a bad day. Succop kicked off out of bounds early on, which gave up cheap excellent field position. Taub got punked on a fake punt which shouldn't have happened, good call by the Raiders. Colquitt was OK, and special teams did force one fumble on the Reid challenge. Another problem was penalties. Too many... Chiefs had eight, FADE had ten, both right at around 90 yards. FADE actually gained more offensive yards than KC, and had seven more first downs. Final bitch: Somebody needs to seriously slap Dan Fouts really hard. Hey Fouts, I know we threw you on your head several times in the 1980's but it's all over for you now. Go play golf. I hope to Christ we don't draw him on the broadcast for the San Diego game. I may have to kill my television.

1. The Chiefs are in the playoffs. It's not out of the realm of possibility that we win the division, but I don't see the Donks losing to this bunch of silver and black losers, or to Houston with the kind of year they're having. If we go on the road in the playoffs, so be it. We've actually been pretty good on the road. I'm looking forward to playing the Colts next week, and getting some payback on them for kicking us like a cripple down the stairs last year. They're not going to get to game plan for Brady Quinn this time. I can't wait for next Sunday. Finally, I'm going to put this game on DVD and enjoy it for a long time. I'll watch it on days when I need a lift. It's one for the ages. And I saw this picture on line that sums up the day perfectly. This guy has testes the size of cannon balls, owning the cesspool that is the black hole, and I salute him!

KC Star Game Pictures are here:

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nice win for kc, very dominant and heck of a day for charles!

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